Reminder About Site

We have some new players showing up so we just wanted to go over a couple important site rules here before people even arrive on site.

1) When driving on the drive way, please drive slowly and carefully, there are many animals on the farm and some of them roam free (especially the dogs) driving carefully means you have more control of the vehicle and don’t accidentally hit the farmer’s dogs, let’s not do that!

2) Cars must not drive on the grass. You can go on the driveway, you can drive as far as the edge of the gravel on the other side of the tavern, but you can not drive out to the cabins or tenting spaces.

3) When parking you must leave room for other vehicles to get through the driveway, not just cars but larger farm equipment. If you are unsure if you can park somewhere, find an older player and ask.

4) No large dogs are allowed on site (aside from the farmer’s dogs) If you want to bring your pup with you, it’s probably best to get in touch with Pam Scroggie, site coordinator, or our GM Hans Vierhuis and check first.

5) Cigarette smoking is allowed but only in the designated smoking section. This is a picnic table next to the parking lot that has a can for your butts. Please put the butts in the can. If the can knocks over and butts are spilled please pick them up.

only cigarettes and their butts are to go in the can at the smoking section. DO NOT PUT PACKETS OR ANYTHING ELSE FLAMMABLE IN THERE!!!

Spell Memorization Sheets

Hi Everyone

A Veteran player was kind enough to make these Spell Memorization Sheets for Nero Canada!

If you are a spell caster it is expected that you have one of these, filled out, and on you at all times and are marking the spells off that you use as you go along (usually at the end of a mod). This was you can keep track of what you have in memory and don’t accidentally cast more spells than you have! Feel free to ask questions if you have them about how these work!

There is one for each school of magic

Earth Memorization Spell Sheet

Celestial Memorization Spell Sheet

2018 Tavern Menu

For those that asked, here is a copy of the current Tavern Menu!

Please note, this menu is subject to change and is not 100% set in stone. However, this should give you a general idea of prices for meals and how much to bring for a weekend of food. As mentioned previously the kitchen does allow you to run a pre-paid tab and will remind you when your tab is getting low.


Welcome New Players!

Good Morning Everyone!

This post is mostly for newer players to the game who may be needing some additional information before their first full event!

Our event schedule for the rest of the year is posted as part of this post!

Our website, where you can find a lot of resources for building a character and world history etc is:

For a full weekend event there are options for where you can stay. You are welcome to bring a tent and set it up on site for sleeping. If you want a bunk in a cabin please get in touch with Pam Scroggie as she is our site coordinator and works very hard to make sure we can accommodate people in bunks, please be mindful that we will do our best to get you a bunk if you need one, but they are limited.

A few tips on what to bring for a full weekend:
-bedding, whether you are in a tent or a bunk you need to bring all of your own bedding
-costuming/armour/weapon reps…stuff your PC needs to be in game
-clothing, you will want to bring lots of layers as the weather gets colder on us. Extra socks (we can’t stress this enough) and proper footwear are essential too
-toiletries… we have bathrooms on site that do have a shower, running water and flush-able toilets. We encourage people to have a shower if they feel they need one, but to keep it quick. The bathrooms are there for everyone to use
– there is a full “tavern” on site that serves breakfast and dinner each day as well as hot/cold drinks throughout the day and late night snack. However, some people bring extra snacks to eat between these meal times and some people choose to bring their own food. There is a fridge on site for players to use, we ask that you keep your food in proper containers and label them, remembering to take home all that you brought at the end of an event.

IF you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask them. We are a community of players from a vast background and experience level and are really great about answering questions and helping each other out!

Looking forward to seeing all of you at future events!

2018 Event #7 Opening/Closing Announcements

Site Specific:

-This is the time of year when the fruit is growing on the trees. Please remember that we are playing on someones property, their home, do not eat the fruit from these trees. This belong to the owner of the farm and he does not wish for people to eat the fruit.

-The smoking zone has been moved to the parking due to the fire pit catching fire multiple times as a result of cigarettes being thrown in to it. There is a can provided in the smoking area and it is expected that when you are done you will put your cigarette butts in this can.

-There is a fridge in the back room that is for Player use for food. Please make sure that your food is labelled and kept in a container while in the fridge. We need to keep this fridge clean, as such, at the end of every event the fridge will be cleaned out entirely. If you have left something in the fridge it will be thrown out between events. The power is not kept on to these fridges between gathers.

-We have noticed an increase in the lack of cleanliness of the site. Please make sure that you are cleaning up after yourselves, this includes in the cabins, the bathrooms, the tavern and the site in general (the fields etc).

-We are no longer allowed to throw loose garbage in the trailer behind the tavern, All garbage that is put in this trailer must be inside of a black garbage bag.

-Please remember that driving your vehicle on the grass at site is prohibited. We are asked to park in the gravel parking lot and not on the grass, or down the lane-way as this is a fire route.

General Announcements:

-HUGE thank you to Josh and Ashley who came out to site this summer and cut down a lot of the growth on many of the paths in the forest. They removed a number of hawthorn bushes and cleared brush from the path to make our travelling out in the woods safer for everyone!

-NPC’s need to be treated like anyone else in the game. This is to say that they may not always have accurate information, They may lie to PC’s on occasion. Please note that if you perceive an inconsistency with someones story that this MAY be in an game reason or done purposefully.

Rules Clarification:

-ALCHEMY: The master alchemist ability that allows you to throw an elixir as a gas MUST be packet delivered and must be thrown. IF it is touch cast the person can use their Poison Shield as a defense for this. Alchemy, unless drank, will ALWAYS trigger a dumb defense.

2019 Plot Writers Needed!

Hi all, please send plot an email if you are interested in being a full time Plot person next year whether as a writer or a marshal. Send the message even if you are doing it this year already and even if you have already told me you were interested. If you have questions please also email.


2018 5 Day Sign Up Sheet

Here is the Sign Up Sheet.

As always please make sure any NPC shift you sign up for you show up to NPC camp on time for. Once we are all on site and have evaluated the number of NPC’s we have we will open up the potential option to “buy out” of your NPC shift for $10 and this will be done through a random draw for the time slots it applies to.