Regular Fees

$55 for weekend in a cabin, trailer or “Inn” ($70 for a Long Weekend)
$35 for weekend in a tent or Medieval Style Caravan ($50 for a Long Weekend) – $20 Discount
$20 per module for module days
($30 for 2 modules)
$25 for a day event

Other Fees

$25 membership payable annually.
$35 for an event you are or were unable to attend going forward in order to get your build. This must be done in the same year as the event occurred and you must attend at least one event in that year.

Season Pass

Membership fee is included. Get full build whether or not you attend without using a token.
($25 Savings over paying for membership and events individually)

$580 for weekend in a cabin, trailer or the tavern
$380 for weekend in a tent*

Season passes do not include module days, day events, Yule Feast or the extended portion of the 5 Day Event
(July 3 – 5)


  1. Players who bring their own trailer or caravan pay the tent price provided they do not hook up to electricity and the trailer is not left on site.
  2. These fees are in addition to any fees or arrangements made with the site owner Mike to rent trailers or leave trailers on site on a full time basis.
  3. Cabins are for the use of players during Nero Canada events.  They are not to be accessed at any other time.