2018 Yule Banquet

Good Evening Everyone,

I know this is the long awaited post about Nero Yule!

Date: November 24, 2018
Times: Arrival 3:30-4:30
IG RP & Dinner etc 4:30 – 9:30
OOG Announcements etc 9:30-10:30
Clean Up 10:30-11:00
Location: Central Arena Auditorium
519 Drury Lane
Burlington, Ontario
L7R 2X3
Food: It will be very similar to the food had last year at Yule. Please send usany food allergies/sensitivities/dietary restrictions ASAP
Cost: $30

IF you are not coming to the November event, please send us a direct message letting us know you would like a Yule ticket and we can figure out getting the money before Yule.

Any questions please let us know!

New IBGA Process

Here are the new guidelines for IBGAs (In Between Game Actions). Pease read through the whole document and ask any questions you have before filling out the form. As mentioned at the event, for this time only IBGAs will be do this upcoming Sunday by 11:59pm.  For future events they will be due at 11:59pm on the Friday after the event.

IBGA Process

The Kingdom in Winter

As the snow fell and later melts, the following details of what has occurred over the winter are revealed.
Winter court is delayed due to the issues at hand and will occur later this month.


The Kingdom in Winter

2018 Winter IBGA’s

Hi Everyone

I know that this is the announcement is a little late. Winter IBGA’s are open. They are due by end of February.

As always we ask that you adhere to the IBGA Guidelines. They are the same as 2017.

Thanks Everyone!

2017 Winter IBGA’s

Hi Everyone

I know that this is the announcement everyone has been anxiously waiting for!

Plot  will start accepting Winter IBGA’s  February 1, 2017. Please do NOT send them in before this time! Additionally they will be due by the end of February, This gives you a month to figure out what you want to do…why is this important you ask?? Well we would ask that you watch the Website over the next 2 months for IMPORTANT IN GAME POSTS that may influence what you decide to do with your Winter IBGA!

As always we ask that you adhere to the IBGA Guidelines. They are the same as 2016.

Thanks Everyone!

Important Information!

Hey Everybody

It’s getting close to winter and that means cold!

Just a reminder to put your reps in a safe dry place that is room temperature and out of the sun. Duct tape and foam does not last very long in cold sunlit areas.

Also Nero is looking for having a few day events, details to follow (will not happen until Feb-Mar)

Thanks Everyone, Have a Great Day!!

Laws of the Land

The Laws of the Land has been updated in the Kingdom Organizations section of the Library.  Please check this area regularly as there will be new documents added periodically.

Winter IBGAs

The plot team is ready to start receiving Winter IBGAs.  Here are the important dates:

Submission of Winter IBGAs: February 1 – March 11

Responses Delivered By: April 24 (We will attempt to get anything that would influence the day event done in advance but cannot guarantee)

We have not strictly enforced the IBGA guidelines over the past couple of years but this year we will be sending IBGAs back and asking for them to be resubmitted if they don’t align.  Attached is the updated 2016 Guidelines for IBGAs.  Even if you have read before, please review.

Winter IBGAs can be longer than regular IBGAs and have a bit more flexibility around the number and type of actions that can be taken.

IBGA Guidelines 2016

Content Volunteers

We’re looking for volunteers to help out with writing content in the off season.  If you are interested in helping out, please see the sign up sheet and sign up for what you are interested in.  We need to have first drafts by February 12th. While we appreciate enthusiasm, please don’t sign up for items if you aren’t able to do them in this time frame.  If you want further information before you sign up or interested in helping with something that is full, please email, nerocanada@rogers.com for clarification.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Sign Up Sheet

Halloween Event: Sign Up for Chores, Donations and NPCing

Here is the  Sign Up Sheet for the next event – all items are first come, first serve.

In addition to NPC shifts we have posted a list of chores or donations that you can do as an alternative.  If you have an alternative suggestion for donation or chore, please comment below.

As a Special Bonus this event people who volunteer for the Saturday Night 8pm – 12pm will get a draw from a bag of goodies.  People who NPC the full event will get 3 draws.

Sign Up Sheet

Nero Rulebook 4.1

The updated version of the rulebook with clarifications as requested is now updated in the Library.  This will be the last published version for the season.  We are hoping to have a full source book by the end of the year.

Notable changes from version 4.0 to version 4.1:

  • Clarified that each racial skill may only be purchased once.
  • Corrected Build Point progression.
  • Corrected Focus and Mastery costs (Were transcribed incorrectly)
  • Corrected example in “Proficiency” description.
  • Updated Formal Magic skill, specifically how converting formal magic to spells works.
  • Clarified that 2-handed weapons can be used to block 1-handed.
  • Updated Carrying rules to clarify what happens if a non-numeric attack hits a carried person.
  • Expanded acceptable reps for an armour patch to also include a square of leather or grey fabric.
  • Clarified that alchemists must have a level of alchemy that is equal or greater than a gas in order to use it.
  • Clarified the Master Potion Maker ability
  • Clarified that Master Alchemist ability can only convert elixirs that don’t already have a gas equivalent.
  • Clarified that your count resumes rather than restarts when a a character Created as Undead drops to -1.
  • Corrected Sanctuary to say it protects against Undead.