Opening/Closing Announcements

2018 Event #7 Opening/Closing Announcements

Site Specific:

-This is the time of year when the fruit is growing on the trees. Please remember that we are playing on someones property, their home, do not eat the fruit from these trees. This belong to the owner of the farm and he does not wish for people to eat the fruit.

-The smoking zone has been moved to the parking due to the fire pit catching fire multiple times as a result of cigarettes being thrown in to it. There is a can provided in the smoking area and it is expected that when you are done you will put your cigarette butts in this can.

-There is a fridge in the back room that is for Player use for food. Please make sure that your food is labelled and kept in a container while in the fridge. We need to keep this fridge clean, as such, at the end of every event the fridge will be cleaned out entirely. If you have left something in the fridge it will be thrown out between events. The power is not kept on to these fridges between gathers.

-We have noticed an increase in the lack of cleanliness of the site. Please make sure that you are cleaning up after yourselves, this includes in the cabins, the bathrooms, the tavern and the site in general (the fields etc).

-We are no longer allowed to throw loose garbage in the trailer behind the tavern, All garbage that is put in this trailer must be inside of a black garbage bag.

-Please remember that driving your vehicle on the grass at site is prohibited. We are asked to park in the gravel parking lot and not on the grass, or down the lane-way as this is a fire route.

General Announcements:

-HUGE thank you to Josh and Ashley who came out to site this summer and cut down a lot of the growth on many of the paths in the forest. They removed a number of hawthorn bushes and cleared brush from the path to make our travelling out in the woods safer for everyone!

-NPC’s need to be treated like anyone else in the game. This is to say that they may not always have accurate information, They may lie to PC’s on occasion. Please note that if you perceive an inconsistency with someones story that this MAY be in an game reason or done purposefully.

Rules Clarification:

-ALCHEMY: The master alchemist ability that allows you to throw an elixir as a gas MUST be packet delivered and must be thrown. IF it is touch cast the person can use their Poison Shield as a defense for this. Alchemy, unless drank, will ALWAYS trigger a dumb defense.