The Message Tree

Good Day, The Earthen and Celestial Towers will be present in Thrush Peake on the morning of the 10th day of the 9th month at 11 hours past midnight to facilitate a discussion on the Fae activity that is currently impacting the Kingdom. We are looking to create an environment […]

IG Message – Fae Symposium

Your dreams are filled with blurry images for the nights past the last gathering, nothing is clear and then late one night before the upcoming gathering you have a vivid dream. Fingers separate the strings and the shuttle moves across the loom creating a weave of fabric that seems to […]

A Vision (IG)

Eight are the groves in the Keening Wood Seven are the doors you must pass Eighth is the grove where the Keening Queen dwells That is the grove you seek last   Four are the groves that ring the wood Three mark the way to its heart Four doors must […]

Song of the Keening Woods – IG

On behalf of Her Excellency, the Countess of Kyrinen, the County wishes to remind all residents to take proper precautions this All Hallow’s Eve.  While Halloween can be an enjoyable evening full of treats, costumes, and festive cheer, it is important to remember that most of these traditions stem from […]


The Song of the Eight Sisters Traditional Nadene (Stag) Tribe children’s song   Eight sisters went to the hawthorn grove Eight sisters to guard and to rest Eight sisters went to the oaks and the ash But only seven sleepers are left   One maiden guided her sisters there Two […]

The Song of the Eight Sisters

To the good adventurers of Thrush Peake, Greetings on behalf of Sir Naulen and the Black Watch.  I am Squire Archibalda Goodwin, and it is an honour to correspond with the famous fighters, wizards and folks of a more roguish persuasion who make their home in the adventurer’s quarter of […]

A Message to the Adventurers of Thrush Peake

Attention all and singular. At the bequest of Her Excellency Countess Dalnya Laire’elen, the County Court will convene a meeting to discuss recent developments threatening the security of Thrush Peak and the County at large. Members of the Nobility, Chivalry, Guilds and any and all local Adventurers who wish to […]

Announcement from Countess Dalnya

As requested by Her Excellency Dalnya Laire’elen, Countess Kyrinen the County Watch has prepared a summary of what has been reported to date: The Stone Behemoth shaped like a Toad hopped from the edge of the mountain along the Southern border of the County dragging pieces of the mountain behind it. […]

In-Game: Report from Rendal

Here is this event’s edition of the Haylem Herald! Haylem Herald – Volume 23, Issue 1 – May 15, 2015

May Haylem Herald

As normally occurs in the spring, a Herald from court in Haylem City, has documented the events of the winter.  These words have been distributed around the Kingdom to ensure that all are aware of the events of the season both good and bad. These words can be read on […]

The Kingdom in Winter