Forodren dór

The Change

Early this morning, there was a flurry of activity in the Talerian encampment. and the guards seem to be on high alert.  Anyone who got close was shouted down to back away from the Encampment. Anyone who stood by and watched would notice that a single runner left the Encampment in the direction of Xinshen and returned just a couple of hours later.  Another runner left the Encampment for the tent belonging to the Celestial Towers and then returned a few hours later.  The flurry of activity continued for the balance of the day while rumours spread quickly.  Some said the Drae were afflicted by some type of plague  others that the Lady Mishiko had died.

The latter rumour was put to rest when at dusk the Lady and her entourage stepped out of the camp to meet with Dame Rendal her head held high.  All of the Drae that left the camp had the same shocking appearance.  Their dark black skin had faded to various shades of grey.  By the time the night closed word had travelled through the encamppment that it was just the Drae in Kyrinen but all of them throughout the Kingdom.

Support from the South

Just after dusk on a biter and cold winter night a group of travellers can be seen heading towards the base camp. They are all wrapped up tightly to shield themselves from the elements. As they approach the encampment the banner of Taleria can clearly be recognized in the group.  Amongst the Drae are a few groups of Half-Orcs and Saar but it is clear that the bulk of the support is from the Ryu Chen.

They approach the encampment and, as a well-oiled machine would, they each take a knee simultaneously in front of Dame Rendal awaiting her acknowledgment to rise again.  After their formalities and courtesy’s have been paid, a female steps forward bowing low to the ground and introduces herself as Lady Yoru Michiko, representative of Yoru no Takahiro, His Grace Taleria.  She loudly states that the army they bring is granted in service to the Kingdom.. Behind her stands a formidable group of Drae soldiers and a small scattering of scholars, an equal mix of earth and celestial. All clad in full armour and dark clothing, like the night.

Once accepted in to the camp they would waste no time setting up their tents in a defensive arrangement with the Lady’s being in the very centre.  The non-Drae create smaller encampments grouped together on the edges of the main ring.


The Black Watch

The Black Watch regiment is visible long before their arrival at the northern encampment, a precisely square black-uniformed formation marching over the patchy winter’s snow. Largely consisting of criminals and layabouts pressed into service, the regiment is dour and rough-looking, but kept under tight discipline by its officers. With the Black Waste in Ontarius now barely a third of its former size, the number of enlisted – most with many years left in their sentence – has begun to exceed the amount of work needed. So the Black Watch’s overseers are eager to send the excess to a new project.

Behind the tightly supervised regiment comes a smattering of camp followers, driving large wagons of food, soap, animal feed, and other simple necessities. The newcomers’ camps and pavilions spring up quickly and the northern encampment suddenly feels much more densely populated. The Black Watch’s accommodations, for now, are small tents crowded with two to three enlisted apiece, and their meals are equally spartan: long lines form for simple bowls of vegetable stew and hard rolls, but no one goes hungry.

Having set up their camp, the Watch relaxes somewhat, into dense groups sharing jokes and stories round their campfires. Officers patrol between the tents, making sure the night stays peaceful, but members of the other forces committed to Forodren dór avoid walking too close, just in case. Let loose upon an area the size of the North, who knows what these rough souls will be capable of?

It is rumoured that familiar faces will be coming North to join th camp.

The Arrival

And so it begins, a location for a settlement is chosen; above Thursh Peake and beside the embankment of the western most river and just on the other side of the border of the County.  A small contingent of forces in full official regalia lead a series of caravans carrying supplies and what looks like a group of workers.  O

As they arrive at the settlement the group comes to a stop and a Herald announces the opening of the campaign while 2 of the workers place a giant pole into the ground and Dame Rendal raises the banner of the Kingdom.

Three large pavilions are assembled as a temporary measure, one for the Earthen Towers, one for the Celestial Towers and a third for the Kingdom.  Both towers begin the process of setting up their respective circles.  Architects, engineers and surveyors begin the process of designing a more permanent settlement.  A group of High Elves riding wyverns belonging to the Kingdom regent fly overhead with cartographers in an attempt to map out the region.  Extra reinforcements are placed along the road from Watchwood towards Haylem City and on the bridge across the Chasm to Corvedeaux.

Word goes out across out around the County that over the next few weeks many more people can be expected to come to the area and that spots will be made available for merchants who wish to sell goods in a marketplace or provide services.


Citizens of the Kingdom of Haylem, I have been charged with the task of creating a public record of Forodren dór, the Kingdom of Haylem’s campaign to expand its Northern boundaries by his Excellency Viscount Vardamir Remi-russë Tuilindo.  To that end I have travelled to the County of Kyrinen to create a narrative and library of documents that can be used in the future by historians and researchers.  I encourage anyone who has interest in these matters to follow along.

Meldarion Tuilindo

Scribe of the Forodren dór