Hi Everyone, Here is the survey. Link 1 is Part A, Link 2 is Part B of end of season survey. The details on how it works and rewards for completing it are in the first page of survey. Thanks! Link #1 Part A Link # 2 Part B

2016 End Of Year Survey

Opening Ceremonies: — Charging and turtling instances and calls have gotten much better, thanks everyone, keep up the good work! — Head shots are getting to be a real problem, please try to watch the head shots — There is a NEW Formal System. It is currently in the playtest […]

September 9-11th Opening & Closing Ceremonies Information

Looking to run some brainstorming sessions and focus group type stuff to get input on ideas. If you are interested in participating please send an email to Please include the following in the email: 1) Email Address 2) Your Real Name 3) Your Character Name 4) If you could […]


The following announcements were made at the event: PACKET PLAY TEST: There is a current play test regarding valid targets for packets.  For the play test, a player’s head is not a valid target for a packet and a player hit in the head does not have to take the damage/effect. […]

Announcements – Event 6 (August 2016)

Here is the event survey for this weekend – Reminder it contains a question about the Yule Feast so please make an extra effort to answer this one. If you didn’t attend, just answer the first question and skip the rest. Survey

Event Survey – Event 6 – August + Bonus Question

Sign Up Sheet Please select one task if you are PCing.  I will update the post to say who will be collecting the $10 this weekend.

Sign Up Sheet for July Event