2017 Event #9 Survey

Hi Everyone

Here is the Survey for the All Hallows’ link. As always please make sure you fill it out as your feedback is very important to the game!



Cabin Space For All Hallows’

Hi Everyone
I know some of you have been talking to Pam Scroggie about sleeping arrangements. If you have not yet talked to her please do so we can arrange sleeping for you. You can send her a PM on Facebook or email Nero Canada and we can pass along a message.

All Hallows’ Start Time

Hello everyone,
Quick annoucement for the upcoming Halloween event.
logisitics will be open from 8:30pm to 10:30pm
opening ceremonies will start at 10pm
game will start shortly thereafter.

if for whatever reason you cannot be at log between 8:30 and 10:30 then please pre register and send a Facebook message to Kyla Salzer or email Nero Canada and we can pass along the message.


All Hallows’ NPC’s

Halloween NPCs:
For the upcoming event we will be offering additional rewards to people who volunteer to NPC the whole event. The usual rewards of 4 Tokens and 2 logistics periods worth of build will be increased to 8 tokens and 3 logistics periods worth of build. This isn’t sustainable long term but we are making an exception for this event

Please email with the tagline All Hallows’ NPC


Race Packages

Hi Everyone

We are working on getting the race packages completed over the winter. If you are interested in helping out with this email: and you will be added to the Google group working on this project.


2018 Plot Positions

Hi all, taking a slightly different approach for the plot team for next year but am still looking for Marshals. Job description is:

-run prewritten modules as required
-play key NPCs as required
-write short plot lines if you choose
-manage and train NPCs in Nero rules and skills
-send out randoms as required
-attend at least 7 of 10 regular events

The key component of this is that you must be willing to go out on combat related NPC roles for most of the event.

Please send an email to if interested.

Off Season Rules Feedback

Hi folks,

In preparation for the off season, We are soliciting feedback on the rules.

Please be as specific as possible.

Please send any feedback you have via email in point form to; please make the subject of the email “Rules Feedback“.

5 Day Sign Up Sheet

Hi everyone!

Here is the Sign Up Sheet for the 5 day!

Please make sure you read the notice at the top carefully…anyone attending for more than just the normal weekend is expected to sign up for 2 things…one MUST be an NPC shift!



@017 Event #1 Survey

Hi Everyone

Here is a link to the Survey for the first event of 2017. Please remember to fill it out as the team takes a look at all of the feedback!



2017 Schedule!

Start      End              Event Type

25-Feb 25-Feb         Possible Day Event

18-Mar 18-Mar        Possible Day Event

08-Apr 08-Apr        Possible Day Event

28-Apr 30-Apr        Weekend

19-May 22-May       Weekend  (3 Day)

09-Jun 11-Jun        Weekend

29-Jun 04-Jul         Weekend (5-Day)

21-Jul 23-Jul           Weekend

18-Aug 20-Aug      Weekend

08-Sep 10-Sep      Weekend

29-Sep 01-Oct        Weekend

20-Oct 22-Oct         Weekend

10-Nov 12-Nov        Weekend

25-Nov 25-Nov        Yule Feast (Day Event)

Closing Ceremonies Announcements November 2016 2

Hi Everyone,

Here are the announcements for closing ceremonies for 2016!

— A HUGE thank you to the 2016 plot team for all of your hard work and for an amazing year of plot. We all know that without our plot team we would not have Nero!

— A HUGE thank you to everyone that NPC’d both this event and throughout the year. Again without our NPC crew we would not be able to run Nero!

–Thank you Kitchen Mom! Seriously Andrea your food is amazing and we love everything you do for all of us!

— The whole Season survey has been posted… Please complete it! Your feedback is very important to Nero Canada and we cannot make changes to things if we don’t know what needs changing. Also there are rewards for completing it so please do it!!

— Please make sure that you are checking the website over the winter months as there will be important stuff posted and as much as we TRY to cross post to Facebook it is not always possible to do so! We are hoping to make the website more functional like adding Forums etc. Please check in now and then to the website!!

— There is going to be a rather large change to how Plot is done in 2017 (and possibly permanently) going forward. As such there may be requests for additional volunteers. Please make sure you are checking the website for these important announcements.

— We hope to have the 2017 Schedule posted by the end of this year. Please make sure to check back to see when it gets posted.

— We all hope that you enjoyed the Nero season… Now Plot needs (and deserves) a break!! IF you send anything in to Plot between now and mid January please do not be upset if you do not get a response. The Plot team worked very hard and would like a break to recover! Thanks!!

— IF you need to contact Karin please make sure that you are using the Nero email and not her personal email or Facebook. Karin is a busy person and as such your inquiry may get lost in her email or Facebook messages. She’s not ignoring you, she just needs you to contact her the proper way… also please see the above message about Winter break and when you can reasonably expect responses to start happening!

— A few of the PC’s have created a Yule Committee and will be posting details about that soon. As soon as we have details we will let you know.. or they will!

Happy Winter Everyone! I cannot stress this enough please, please, please check back to the website for important announcements and updates… please don’t rely on Facebook cross posting them!