2018 5 Day Sign Up Sheet   Recently updated !

Here is the Sign Up Sheet.

As always please make sure any NPC shift you sign up for you show up to NPC camp on time for. Once we are all on site and have evaluated the number of NPC’s we have we will open up the potential option to “buy out” of your NPC shift for $10 and this will be done through a random draw for the time slots it applies to.

Important Announcement About Pets On Site

Hi everybody,

Please be aware that the site no longer allows large dogs to be on the premises. If you have any questions or concerns please email Nero Canada.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

2018 Event #1 Survey

Hi Everyone,


Please find the survey for event #1 below! You will need to copy the address in to your web browser… sorry just clicking it won’t work 🙁




Call To The North!


Call to the North!

Adventurers of Thrush Peake and beyond – the Kingdom of Haylem asks once again for your assistance. With the claiming of new northern territory and the solidification of our alliance with the peoples of Terasel, our commitments to the North are great and the threats many. Who better to stand with the Kingdom and our allies than the famed Adventurers of Thrush Peake?

Accommodations in the style of Thrush Peake’s adventurers complex have been prepared at the Northern Encampment in anticipation of your arrival, and the Green Dragon Tavern is proud to serve you at its new Northern Border location. Those adventurers who answer the call this upcoming Gather will have the gratitude of the Kingdom and the opportunity for valour, heroics, and treasure in the mysterious North.

The Leadership of the Northern Encampment welcomes you, and invites you all to a briefing on the current state of the Northern campaign on Saturday morning in the Green Dragon Tavern.


We will have a slight geographic switch in location this season, with the Thrush Peake adventurer’s complex moving to the Northern Encampment at the border between Kyrinen and the northern territories. For now cabin assignments will remain the same. We think this will be lots of fun, and provide immersive exploration and danger in the immediate vicinity of the ‘town’ setting.

If you have any OOG worries about the IG relocation (special effects on your cabin, that body you buried out back in case you ever needed a last-minute revenant), please drop us a line at and we’ll help to resolve.

Important Update for 2018 Season!

Hi all,

Based on feedback we have received from a number of players that we need to make the difficulty of the game a little harder there will be some changes to the style of the game. Please keep in mind the following:

1) There is no rule that says an NPC cannot hit you while you are on the ground; if someone hits you in this circumstance, please take the damage without question. If you are moving, NPCs will assume you are moving in game. First aid and refit must be viable and obvious. Both require you to be on your knees (not laying down) and saying the words “First Aid” or “Refit” in a normal speaking voice at least once every 10 seconds. Searching also needs to be obvious.

2) Wards must be cast in-game. You will be able to purchase them but an NPC will come into game to cast them once it starts.

3) Theft by NPCs will occur when it is logical for it to occur. If your stuff gets stolen, there may not be a route for you to get it back.

4) Assume modules are not-scaled, meaning that you may have to retreat more often and if you don’t retreat when overwhelmed, you will likely die

5) NPCs learn – if you fight the enemy multiple times, they will get better at fighting you, the same way you get better at fighting them.

6) When a Contingency 5-Earth or Contingency Life are used, you must turn a tag over to a Plot Marshal at the end of the module/encounter or you will take the death.

7) If you do something reckless, expect that there will be consequences.

If you have any questions please feel free to email Nero Canada for clarification.


2017 Event #9 Survey

Hi Everyone

Here is the Survey for the All Hallows’ link. As always please make sure you fill it out as your feedback is very important to the game!



Cabin Space For All Hallows’

Hi Everyone
I know some of you have been talking to Pam Scroggie about sleeping arrangements. If you have not yet talked to her please do so we can arrange sleeping for you. You can send her a PM on Facebook or email Nero Canada and we can pass along a message.

All Hallows’ Start Time

Hello everyone,
Quick annoucement for the upcoming Halloween event.
logisitics will be open from 8:30pm to 10:30pm
opening ceremonies will start at 10pm
game will start shortly thereafter.

if for whatever reason you cannot be at log between 8:30 and 10:30 then please pre register and send a Facebook message to Kyla Salzer or email Nero Canada and we can pass along the message.


All Hallows’ NPC’s

Halloween NPCs:
For the upcoming event we will be offering additional rewards to people who volunteer to NPC the whole event. The usual rewards of 4 Tokens and 2 logistics periods worth of build will be increased to 8 tokens and 3 logistics periods worth of build. This isn’t sustainable long term but we are making an exception for this event

Please email with the tagline All Hallows’ NPC


Race Packages

Hi Everyone

We are working on getting the race packages completed over the winter. If you are interested in helping out with this email: and you will be added to the Google group working on this project.


2018 Plot Positions

Hi all, taking a slightly different approach for the plot team for next year but am still looking for Marshals. Job description is:

-run prewritten modules as required
-play key NPCs as required
-write short plot lines if you choose
-manage and train NPCs in Nero rules and skills
-send out randoms as required
-attend at least 7 of 10 regular events

The key component of this is that you must be willing to go out on combat related NPC roles for most of the event.

Please send an email to if interested.

Off Season Rules Feedback

Hi folks,

In preparation for the off season, We are soliciting feedback on the rules.

Please be as specific as possible.

Please send any feedback you have via email in point form to; please make the subject of the email “Rules Feedback“.