IG: Call to the North! Adventurers of Thrush Peake and beyond – the Kingdom of Haylem asks once again for your assistance. With the claiming of new northern territory and the solidification of our alliance with the peoples of Terasel, our commitments to the North are great and the threats […]

Call To The North!

Hi all, Based on feedback we have received from a number of players that we need to make the difficulty of the game a little harder there will be some changes to the style of the game. Please keep in mind the following: 1) There is no rule that says […]

Important Update for 2018 Season!

Hi Everyone Here is the Survey for the All Hallows’ link. As always please make sure you fill it out as your feedback is very important to the game! Thanks!  

2017 Event #9 Survey

Hi Everyone I know some of you have been talking to Pam Scroggie about sleeping arrangements. If you have not yet talked to her please do so we can arrange sleeping for you. You can send her a PM on Facebook or email Nero Canada and we can pass along a message. […]

Cabin Space For All Hallows’

Hello everyone, Quick annoucement for the upcoming Halloween event. logisitics will be open from 8:30pm to 10:30pm opening ceremonies will start at 10pm game will start shortly thereafter. if for whatever reason you cannot be at log between 8:30 and 10:30 then please pre register and send a Facebook message […]

All Hallows’ Start Time

Halloween NPCs: For the upcoming event we will be offering additional rewards to people who volunteer to NPC the whole event. The usual rewards of 4 Tokens and 2 logistics periods worth of build will be increased to 8 tokens and 3 logistics periods worth of build. This isn’t sustainable […]

All Hallows’ NPC’s

Hi Everyone We are working on getting the race packages completed over the winter. If you are interested in helping out with this email: and you will be added to the Google group working on this project. Thanks

Race Packages

Hi all, taking a slightly different approach for the plot team for next year but am still looking for Marshals. Job description is: -run prewritten modules as required -play key NPCs as required -write short plot lines if you choose -manage and train NPCs in Nero rules and skills -send […]

2018 Plot Positions