The Change

Early this morning, there was a flurry of activity in the Talerian encampment. and the guards seem to be on high alert.  Anyone who got close was shouted down to back away from the Encampment. Anyone who stood by and watched would notice that a single runner left the Encampment in the direction of Xinshen and returned just a couple of hours later.  Another runner left the Encampment for the tent belonging to the Celestial Towers and then returned a few hours later.  The flurry of activity continued for the balance of the day while rumours spread quickly.  Some said the Drae were afflicted by some type of plague  others that the Lady Mishiko had died.

The latter rumour was put to rest when at dusk the Lady and her entourage stepped out of the camp to meet with Dame Rendal her head held high.  All of the Drae that left the camp had the same shocking appearance.  Their dark black skin had faded to various shades of grey.  By the time the night closed word had travelled through the encamppment that it was just the Drae in Kyrinen but all of them throughout the Kingdom.

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