Support from the South

Just after dusk on a biter and cold winter night a group of travellers can be seen heading towards the base camp. They are all wrapped up tightly to shield themselves from the elements. As they approach the encampment the banner of Taleria can clearly be recognized in the group.  Amongst the Drae are a few groups of Half-Orcs and Saar but it is clear that the bulk of the support is from the Ryu Chen.

They approach the encampment and, as a well-oiled machine would, they each take a knee simultaneously in front of Dame Rendal awaiting her acknowledgment to rise again.  After their formalities and courtesy’s have been paid, a female steps forward bowing low to the ground and introduces herself as Lady Yoru Michiko, representative of Yoru no Takahiro, His Grace Taleria.  She loudly states that the army they bring is granted in service to the Kingdom.. Behind her stands a formidable group of Drae soldiers and a small scattering of scholars, an equal mix of earth and celestial. All clad in full armour and dark clothing, like the night.

Once accepted in to the camp they would waste no time setting up their tents in a defensive arrangement with the Lady’s being in the very centre.  The non-Drae create smaller encampments grouped together on the edges of the main ring.


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