The Black Watch

The Black Watch regiment is visible long before their arrival at the northern encampment, a precisely square black-uniformed formation marching over the patchy winter’s snow. Largely consisting of criminals and layabouts pressed into service, the regiment is dour and rough-looking, but kept under tight discipline by its officers. With the Black Waste in Ontarius now barely a third of its former size, the number of enlisted – most with many years left in their sentence – has begun to exceed the amount of work needed. So the Black Watch’s overseers are eager to send the excess to a new project.

Behind the tightly supervised regiment comes a smattering of camp followers, driving large wagons of food, soap, animal feed, and other simple necessities. The newcomers’ camps and pavilions spring up quickly and the northern encampment suddenly feels much more densely populated. The Black Watch’s accommodations, for now, are small tents crowded with two to three enlisted apiece, and their meals are equally spartan: long lines form for simple bowls of vegetable stew and hard rolls, but no one goes hungry.

Having set up their camp, the Watch relaxes somewhat, into dense groups sharing jokes and stories round their campfires. Officers patrol between the tents, making sure the night stays peaceful, but members of the other forces committed to Forodren dór avoid walking too close, just in case. Let loose upon an area the size of the North, who knows what these rough souls will be capable of?

It is rumoured that familiar faces will be coming North to join th camp.

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