The Arrival

And so it begins, a location for a settlement is chosen; above Thursh Peake and beside the embankment of the western most river and just on the other side of the border of the County.  A small contingent of forces in full official regalia lead a series of caravans carrying supplies and what looks like a group of workers.  O

As they arrive at the settlement the group comes to a stop and a Herald announces the opening of the campaign while 2 of the workers place a giant pole into the ground and Dame Rendal raises the banner of the Kingdom.

Three large pavilions are assembled as a temporary measure, one for the Earthen Towers, one for the Celestial Towers and a third for the Kingdom.  Both towers begin the process of setting up their respective circles.  Architects, engineers and surveyors begin the process of designing a more permanent settlement.  A group of High Elves riding wyverns belonging to the Kingdom regent fly overhead with cartographers in an attempt to map out the region.  Extra reinforcements are placed along the road from Watchwood towards Haylem City and on the bridge across the Chasm to Corvedeaux.

Word goes out across out around the County that over the next few weeks many more people can be expected to come to the area and that spots will be made available for merchants who wish to sell goods in a marketplace or provide services.

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