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Hi Everyone I know that this is the announcement everyone has been anxiously waiting for! Plot ¬†will start accepting Winter IBGA’s ¬†February 1, 2017. Please do NOT send them in before this time! Additionally they will be due by the end of February, This gives you a month to figure […]

2017 Winter IBGA’s

Hey Everybody It’s getting close to winter and that means cold! Just a reminder to put your reps in a safe dry place that is room temperature and out of the sun. Duct tape and foam does not last very long in cold sunlit areas. Also Nero is looking for […]

Important Information!

Hi Everyone, Here are the announcements for closing ceremonies for 2016! — A HUGE thank you to the 2016 plot team for all of your hard work and for an amazing year of plot. We all know that without our plot team we would not have Nero! — A HUGE […]

Closing Ceremonies Announcements November 2016

Hi Everyone, Here is the survey. Link 1 is Part A, Link 2 is Part B of end of season survey. The details on how it works and rewards for completing it are in the first page of survey. Thanks! Link #1 Part A Link # 2 Part B

2016 End Of Year Survey

Hi Everyone Here is a link to the Haylem Herald. Enjoy! Please remember that Rebecca Dotto is doing the herald now and all articles or adds need to be sent to her the Friday before game by midnight to be included. Any and all Herald items can be sent to […]

Haylem Herald November YULE 2016