September 30th – October 2nd Opening and Closing Ceremonies Annoucements 2

For Everyone that wasn’t able to make it to game, and for those that forgot the announcements, here is a recap of what was said at opening and closing ceremonies as far as announcements:


  • Cleanliness at Site has been an ongoing issues. Please make sure that we are all cleaning up after ourselves. We are not the only people to use this LARP site and we need to make sure we are leaving it in a clean state when we are done.
  • Thank you to everyone who used the sign up sheet and completed their task on it. NPC camp has been really short staffed lately and the NPC shifts on the sign up sheet are really important so that we have enough NPC staff to make the game fun for everyone.
  • Consent: Please make sure that you are respectful of each other and get someones consent before touching them or any of their personal property. Please remember that if you have any concerns Hans is the GM and you can reach out to him to discuss concerns or questions.
  • Head shots have been getting better but we still have some work to do. Be mindful when swinging your weapons or throwing packets not to aim for someones head.


  • The survey will be posted within a few days after the event per usual. Please make sure you take the opportunity to fill this out. It is what helps to drive the fun at game. The Plot team read each survey and use the feedback to make the game as fun as possible for everyone. If we aren’t filling out the survey they don’t know what is or isn’t working.
  • Formal Magic system is still in the playtest stages. Plot is welcoming any feedback you have on the new system (good or bad) so they can make it fun for everyone. As of next event Jason Leibold will also be a formal marshall on site.
  • Please join the Nero Canada Fan Page on Facebook. This new Fan Page will be used for all announcements and events and any official news from Nero Canada. The pre-exisiting Nero page will be for a more social player driven communication and important announcements can often get lost in the news feed. The link for the Nero Canada Fan Page is:
  • Reminder that Rebecca Dotto is now doing the Haylem Herald. If you have anything you would like to see placed in the Herald please send it to her by midnight on the Friday before the next gather to guarantee it will make the deadline. You can send your articles etc to:
  • IF you have a position with Nero Canada that utilizes an email address please reach out to Karin and Matt H as they are working together to streamline the emails for the group.
  • Plot would like to make the Halloween Event as fun as possible and currently they are really under staffed. As a result they are focusing their time and effort between gathers on the next event. They wanted the player base to know that IBGA’s may be shorter than normal as they try to shift their focus to the event itself. Please keep this in mind when submitting IBGA’s. Plot still encourages you to submit an IBGA!

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2 thoughts on “September 30th – October 2nd Opening and Closing Ceremonies Annoucements

  • Roxy Sawyer

    I’m inquiring on behalf of my daughter
    She is 13 (going into grade 8)
    And has been interested in larping for many years now. And is waiting to be old enough to do it.
    A client of mine told me to check this website out.
    Are there age restrictions for participating ?

    • Tara Kristensen Post author


      Thank you for showing such an active interest in our game! We always look forward to meeting and helping new players and we hope to see you both out soon!

      The current rules for the game does allow people between the ages of 12-15 to have their own character for the game and we have a group of people on site who dedicate themselves entirely to helping new players. We do however ask that a parent or guardian be on site with them while they play (They wouldn’t necessarily have to participate in the game directly but they would have to be on site and available). We also make safety one of our top concerns and if we have difficulty with people following the safety rules of the game, or refuse to follow the rules of the game after explanations, we will ask them not to participate in the combat part of the game.

      You’ll find that our community is quite accommodating to new players and there is no shortage of people who will do whatever they can to help out. If you would like further information please email us at: and we would be happy to assist you in navigating our game!