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Haylem Herald September 30, 2016

Hey Everyone,

A new Herald is available to read! Please remember that Rebecca Dotto is in charge of the Herald now and all articles or items to publish in the Herald can be sent to her. Her cut off date for accepting items is the Friday prior to game by midnight to guarantee it makes it in to the next Herald! Items and articles can be sent to

Here is the link to this months Herald:


September 9-11th Opening & Closing Ceremonies Information

Opening Ceremonies:

— Charging and turtling instances and calls have gotten much better, thanks everyone, keep up the good work!

— Head shots are getting to be a real problem, please try to watch the head shots

— There is a NEW Formal System. It is currently in the playtest phase. Basically magic has changed and this change will come apparent through IG channels. There are copies of the rules available, they have been provided to each Guild in town. There are new Formal scrolls and as per the rulebook you need to have 1 level of Formal magic in either school to read a Formal scroll. Please remember to provide feedback about your thoughts/opinions on the Formal system in your event survey

–Please use the sign up sheet. All of the sign up items go to benefit the game be it an NPC shift or a cleaning duty or the $10 donation. The money from the donations is usually spent upfront by the plot team in an effort to increase the production value of the game. Please make sure that you follow through on what you have signed up for.

— Rules would like to clarify that ALL calls must be made at a minimal volume so that the person “attacking” you can hear the call.


Closing Ceremonies:

— Site cleanliness has been an issue of late. Please remember to help clean up the tavern, washrooms and other common areas on site. It is the persons staying in cabins to also ensure their cabins are tidy when they leave. Mike would like to remind us that ANY garbage that is placed in the trailer out back of the tavern must be done so in large black garbage bags, not smaller kitchen bags. Please remember to clean out the fridges as well as they are shut off between gathers and food left in them spoils and makes everything smell!

— Any Formal scroll that currently has an expiration date of October 31, 2016 is now extended to December 31, 2016.

— IF you find a mistake on a scroll please go and ask for clarification from Plot. Please keep in mind that the entire Formal system has been 100% reworked and there is going to be a period during the playtest where things are fine tuned and may get missed or copied incorrectly.

— YULE Feast will be held at the November Event. At present there was a poll taken at Closing Ceremonies and a vast majority of people present voted for Chinese Food Takeout. More information will come out as it is available about feast.

IG Message – Fae Symposium

Good Day,

The Earthen and Celestial Towers will be present in Thrush Peake on the morning of the 10th day of the 9th month at 11 hours past midnight to facilitate a discussion on the Fae activity that is currently impacting the Kingdom.

We are looking to create an environment of transparency and hope that anyone with information or a desire to learn can attend and participate.

Aire‘namanese Mirayanese Rybelene
Grandmaster of the Earthen Towers