Monthly Archives: September 2016

Hey Everyone, A new Herald is available to read! Please remember that Rebecca Dotto is in charge of the Herald now and all articles or items to publish in the Herald can be sent to her. Her cut off date for accepting items is the Friday prior to game by […]

Haylem Herald September 30, 2016

Opening Ceremonies: — Charging and turtling instances and calls have gotten much better, thanks everyone, keep up the good work! — Head shots are getting to be a real problem, please try to watch the head shots — There is a NEW Formal System. It is currently in the playtest […]

September 9-11th Opening & Closing Ceremonies Information

Good Day, The Earthen and Celestial Towers will be present in Thrush Peake on the morning of the 10th day of the 9th month at 11 hours past midnight to facilitate a discussion on the Fae activity that is currently impacting the Kingdom. We are looking to create an environment […]

IG Message – Fae Symposium