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Looking to run some brainstorming sessions and focus group type stuff to get input on ideas. If you are interested in participating please send an email to Please include the following in the email:
1) Email Address
2) Your Real Name
3) Your Character Name
4) If you could wave a magic wand and fix 3 things about Nero what would they be?
You should hear back from me on this in mid to late September.

Announcements – Event 6 (August 2016) 2

The following announcements were made at the event:

  1. PACKET PLAY TEST: There is a current play test regarding valid targets for packets.  For the play test, a player’s head is not a valid target for a packet and a player hit in the head does not have to take the damage/effect.  The packet attack is considered to have missed and any spell or packet delivered production item is considered used.
  2. BACK CASTING: A scroll must be used by the last event prior to the expiry date.  Scrolls cannot be back cast.  The only exception is if a request is made to cast a ritual at an event and a formal marshal or plot is unable to accommodate.
  3. NPC SHIFTS: As we are seeing a decline in full time NPCs at events, we will be reducing the number of non-NPC task options available to players.  The plan on how this will be administered will be posted by the Wednesday before the event.
  4. FORMAL PLAYTEST: New rules are coming into effect for the next event. The rules are attached below.  If you are a formal caster, please review prior to casting any rituals.   If you have any questions on what the rules mean, please use the Facebook Group “Nero Formal Playtest“.

2016 Rules Document – Playtest

Treasure 2

Reminder for all and I now know of at least 3 of you that this applies to but I suspect that there are more. If you have gold, scrolls or any kind of treasure it must be in game and not kept in your car, at home or an out-of-game area. Going forward if you would like it to be hidden “in-game” somewhere else, you must bring it to me in NPC camp an I will store it in a very secure area with an understanding. You will need to provide details of where it is in the game world and what your security is, returning it to you at the end of the game. There will be 1 warning provided and after that if any stuff stored in an “out-of-game” space it will be deemed to have expired.