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Your dreams are filled with blurry images for the nights past the last gathering, nothing is clear and then late one night before the upcoming gathering you have a vivid dream. Fingers separate the strings and the shuttle moves across the loom creating a weave of fabric that seems to […]

A Vision (IG)

Sign Up Sheet Please select one task if you are PCing.  I will update the post to say who will be collecting the $10 this weekend.

Sign Up Sheet for July Event

Hi all, Here is the survey for last event. Like usual, we really appreciate anything you can include in the free text fields as this is where the most valuable information comes from. When ranking specific plotlines, please consider this event only.  If you did not go on any modules […]

5-Day Event Survey

Here is the application to join the plot team for the 2017 season.  Applications are due at the end of August.  Please complete all of the questions. Application

Plot Team Application