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A Vision (IG)

Your dreams are filled with blurry images for the nights past the last gathering, nothing is clear and then late one night before the upcoming gathering you have a vivid dream.

Fingers separate the strings and the shuttle moves across the loom creating a weave of fabric that seems to be building to a picture but never quite gets to an end.  A long red finger traces along one string in the wrap and the image of the loom starts to fade away.

There is an image of a scene where the 6 Fae are each in a hall sitting on thrones and the adventurers are there.   Each Fae has an item at their feet.  The Weaver, the seer, has the liquid and the cup that brought the vision.  The Wayward, the loner has something that looks like a map. The Shrouded Way, the secret keeper has a scroll, the Oaken Blade, the warrior has the unicorn dagger, the Overflowing Cup, the seeker of beauty has a small ornate chest and lastly they who witness Endings has a small crystal at their feet.

The adventurers line up some in front of each of the thrones offering service.  A melodic women’s voice is heard from the mist surrounding the area.

Each thread is a choice,

Each choice a step down a path.

Each gift has a cost and consequence.

Sometimes it is best not to give.


All do not speak true,

They speak in their own interests,

Learn before you commit to one path,

The wise wait and watch,


The image fades back to the loom and the fingers traces 3 threads.

A tall mystic wood elf that some of you recognize as the Grandmaster of Ontarius stands in the centre of a mushroom ring in front of an ancient keep carved into the side of the chasm. Dark Orcs stand in the towers.

The Grandmaster wears flowing green robes and her skin shimmers in the sunlight.  Her head is thrown back and she chants towards the sky in a language that none of you understand.  There is power radiating from the ring as if she is holding something at bay.  At the Grandmaster’s feet you see the scroll that the adventurers presented to the Fae of the Shrouded Way, the secret keeper. You think you see her waiver a little bit and make eye contact with you.   Her chanting gets stronger as an army of adventurers and allies gather behind her.

The threads being split into different directions the finger traces one.

The scene continues and the battle commences, the army of adventures pushes into the ancient keep and the  Dark Orcs fall to the blades and magic of the coming army.  The adventurers navigate the hallways of the keep using the map provided to the Wayward.  In the chaos of the vision it is impossible to keep track of the paths and turns they follow. They enter a large room and a vortex of dark mist fills the centre of the large room, dark fae minions appear to be trying to step through.  To the side in the shadows is a humanoid figure but it is too dark to see their form.  One of the adventurers places the ornate chest at the base of the vortex and opens it up but the pull is too strong and the adventurer is pulled inside.  The vortex collapses shortly thereafter.

The finger traces the second thread.

The scene is the same as the first but as the chest is opened 3 candles are lit and the vortex grows larger, the adventurers are overtaken by the dark fae creatures and the orcs.  The scene fades to black.

The finger traces the third thread.

The scene is the same as the second but as the vortex grows a lone adventurer steps towards the vortex and holds high the crystal from the Endings high and the vortex is absorbed into the crystal.  At the same time, you look around you and you are in town.  All of the Fae are there.  The 6 fade slowly away as does the mushroom circle leaving T’gruk sitting on a rock grinning from ear to ear, “and so it begins”.  The long red fingers break off the end of the thread.

The shuttle keeps moving across the loom with precision.