2016 July 5-Day Task Sign Up Sheet

Here is the Sign Up sheet for the five day.   As normal, if you have an idea about volunteering that isn’t on this list please email nerocanada@rogers.com to discuss in advance of the event – if we haven’t discussed in advance, you will need to sign up.

For the 5-Day event you need to sign up for one activity if you are staying the long weekend or part there of (Thurs – Sun).  If you are staying longer you need to sign up for 2 tasks at least one of which MUST be an NPC shift.

Everyone playing is expected to sign up for one activity for each event they PC at.  There were a few exceptions made last year due to extenuating circumstances, those exceptions do not carry over into this year.  I want to thank everyone who signed up for the last event for not making me chase people down.

If you have NPCd 3 full events in a season, you no longer need to sign up.

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