Survey Feedback

Hello all, just to prove they are being read I wanted to respond to a couple of pieces of survey feedback that have appeared a number of times over this event’s survey.
1) There has been several requests to let people know what HAC will be selling in advance of the event or to keep the list consistent. While I appreciate this as a request, HAC is an in-game organization and the list may fluctuate from week to week or it may not. If it is critical that you have armour (the number one item tied to feedback) I would suggest getting an actual rep but I will provide the hint that it will be on the list most events.
2) Too many Shatters and Destroys – There is a major plot line that involves creatures that have these skills. While we can’t eliminate them, we are doing our best to increase the amount of production that goes out as treasure (40 repair kits last Saturday) and the number of items that help with this (Bag of Holding scrolls, render scrolls). We will also be making HAC more readily available to order replacements. You also have the option as some people were doing of bringing multiple reps on a mod with you.
3) Plot hooks are confusing and not fully role-played – We will do our best to remedy.
4) More Woods are Live – Noted and will be considered for future events.
5) Theft – This is a weird one, people have asked us to steal your stuff. Going forward (not because of the feedback but because we planned it anyway) you can expect that intelligent monsters may search you and may take your stuff if you are on the ground or leave it laying about. There will not always be an opportunity to retrieve it before it disappears or is used. Keep that in mind before you carry everything you own on a mod.

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