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2017 Schedule!

Start      End              Event Type

25-Feb 25-Feb         Possible Day Event

18-Mar 18-Mar        Possible Day Event

08-Apr 08-Apr        Possible Day Event

28-Apr 30-Apr        Weekend

19-May 22-May       Weekend  (3 Day)

09-Jun 11-Jun        Weekend

29-Jun 04-Jul         Weekend (5-Day)

21-Jul 23-Jul           Weekend

18-Aug 20-Aug      Weekend

08-Sep 10-Sep      Weekend

29-Sep 01-Oct        Weekend

20-Oct 22-Oct         Weekend

10-Nov 12-Nov        Weekend

25-Nov 25-Nov        Yule Feast (Day Event)

2017 Winter IBGA’s

Hi Everyone

I know that this is the announcement everyone has been anxiously waiting for!

Plot  will start accepting Winter IBGA’s  February 1, 2017. Please do NOT send them in before this time! Additionally they will be due by the end of February, This gives you a month to figure out what you want to do…why is this important you ask?? Well we would ask that you watch the Website over the next 2 months for IMPORTANT IN GAME POSTS that may influence what you decide to do with your Winter IBGA!

As always we ask that you adhere to the IBGA Guidelines. They are the same as 2016.

Thanks Everyone!

Important Information!

Hey Everybody

It’s getting close to winter and that means cold!

Just a reminder to put your reps in a safe dry place that is room temperature and out of the sun. Duct tape and foam does not last very long in cold sunlit areas.

Also Nero is looking for having a few day events, details to follow (will not happen until Feb-Mar)

Thanks Everyone, Have a Great Day!!

Closing Ceremonies Announcements November 2016 2

Hi Everyone,

Here are the announcements for closing ceremonies for 2016!

— A HUGE thank you to the 2016 plot team for all of your hard work and for an amazing year of plot. We all know that without our plot team we would not have Nero!

— A HUGE thank you to everyone that NPC’d both this event and throughout the year. Again without our NPC crew we would not be able to run Nero!

–Thank you Kitchen Mom! Seriously Andrea your food is amazing and we love everything you do for all of us!

— The whole Season survey has been posted… Please complete it! Your feedback is very important to Nero Canada and we cannot make changes to things if we don’t know what needs changing. Also there are rewards for completing it so please do it!!

— Please make sure that you are checking the website over the winter months as there will be important stuff posted and as much as we TRY to cross post to Facebook it is not always possible to do so! We are hoping to make the website more functional like adding Forums etc. Please check in now and then to the website!!

— There is going to be a rather large change to how Plot is done in 2017 (and possibly permanently) going forward. As such there may be requests for additional volunteers. Please make sure you are checking the website for these important announcements.

— We hope to have the 2017 Schedule posted by the end of this year. Please make sure to check back to see when it gets posted.

— We all hope that you enjoyed the Nero season… Now Plot needs (and deserves) a break!! IF you send anything in to Plot between now and mid January please do not be upset if you do not get a response. The Plot team worked very hard and would like a break to recover! Thanks!!

— IF you need to contact Karin please make sure that you are using the Nero email and not her personal email or Facebook. Karin is a busy person and as such your inquiry may get lost in her email or Facebook messages. She’s not ignoring you, she just needs you to contact her the proper way… also please see the above message about Winter break and when you can reasonably expect responses to start happening!

— A few of the PC’s have created a Yule Committee and will be posting details about that soon. As soon as we have details we will let you know.. or they will!

Happy Winter Everyone! I cannot stress this enough please, please, please check back to the website for important announcements and updates… please don’t rely on Facebook cross posting them!


Haylem Herald November YULE 2016

Hi Everyone

Here is a link to the Haylem Herald. Enjoy!

Please remember that Rebecca Dotto is doing the herald now and all articles or adds need to be sent to her the Friday before game by midnight to be included. Any and all Herald items can be sent to

Haylem Herald October 21, 2016

Hi everyone,

Here is a link to this months Haylem Herald. Enjoy!

Please remember that Rebecca Dotto is in charge of the Herald now and all articles or items to publish in the Herald can be sent to her. Her cut off date for accepting items is the Friday prior to game by midnight to guarantee it makes it in to the next Herald! Items and articles can be sent to

September 30th – October 2nd Opening and Closing Ceremonies Annoucements 2

For Everyone that wasn’t able to make it to game, and for those that forgot the announcements, here is a recap of what was said at opening and closing ceremonies as far as announcements:


  • Cleanliness at Site has been an ongoing issues. Please make sure that we are all cleaning up after ourselves. We are not the only people to use this LARP site and we need to make sure we are leaving it in a clean state when we are done.
  • Thank you to everyone who used the sign up sheet and completed their task on it. NPC camp has been really short staffed lately and the NPC shifts on the sign up sheet are really important so that we have enough NPC staff to make the game fun for everyone.
  • Consent: Please make sure that you are respectful of each other and get someones consent before touching them or any of their personal property. Please remember that if you have any concerns Hans is the GM and you can reach out to him to discuss concerns or questions.
  • Head shots have been getting better but we still have some work to do. Be mindful when swinging your weapons or throwing packets not to aim for someones head.


  • The survey will be posted within a few days after the event per usual. Please make sure you take the opportunity to fill this out. It is what helps to drive the fun at game. The Plot team read each survey and use the feedback to make the game as fun as possible for everyone. If we aren’t filling out the survey they don’t know what is or isn’t working.
  • Formal Magic system is still in the playtest stages. Plot is welcoming any feedback you have on the new system (good or bad) so they can make it fun for everyone. As of next event Jason Leibold will also be a formal marshall on site.
  • Please join the Nero Canada Fan Page on Facebook. This new Fan Page will be used for all announcements and events and any official news from Nero Canada. The pre-exisiting Nero page will be for a more social player driven communication and important announcements can often get lost in the news feed. The link for the Nero Canada Fan Page is:
  • Reminder that Rebecca Dotto is now doing the Haylem Herald. If you have anything you would like to see placed in the Herald please send it to her by midnight on the Friday before the next gather to guarantee it will make the deadline. You can send your articles etc to:
  • IF you have a position with Nero Canada that utilizes an email address please reach out to Karin and Matt H as they are working together to streamline the emails for the group.
  • Plot would like to make the Halloween Event as fun as possible and currently they are really under staffed. As a result they are focusing their time and effort between gathers on the next event. They wanted the player base to know that IBGA’s may be shorter than normal as they try to shift their focus to the event itself. Please keep this in mind when submitting IBGA’s. Plot still encourages you to submit an IBGA!

Haylem Herald September 30, 2016

Hey Everyone,

A new Herald is available to read! Please remember that Rebecca Dotto is in charge of the Herald now and all articles or items to publish in the Herald can be sent to her. Her cut off date for accepting items is the Friday prior to game by midnight to guarantee it makes it in to the next Herald! Items and articles can be sent to

Here is the link to this months Herald:


September 9-11th Opening & Closing Ceremonies Information

Opening Ceremonies:

— Charging and turtling instances and calls have gotten much better, thanks everyone, keep up the good work!

— Head shots are getting to be a real problem, please try to watch the head shots

— There is a NEW Formal System. It is currently in the playtest phase. Basically magic has changed and this change will come apparent through IG channels. There are copies of the rules available, they have been provided to each Guild in town. There are new Formal scrolls and as per the rulebook you need to have 1 level of Formal magic in either school to read a Formal scroll. Please remember to provide feedback about your thoughts/opinions on the Formal system in your event survey

–Please use the sign up sheet. All of the sign up items go to benefit the game be it an NPC shift or a cleaning duty or the $10 donation. The money from the donations is usually spent upfront by the plot team in an effort to increase the production value of the game. Please make sure that you follow through on what you have signed up for.

— Rules would like to clarify that ALL calls must be made at a minimal volume so that the person “attacking” you can hear the call.


Closing Ceremonies:

— Site cleanliness has been an issue of late. Please remember to help clean up the tavern, washrooms and other common areas on site. It is the persons staying in cabins to also ensure their cabins are tidy when they leave. Mike would like to remind us that ANY garbage that is placed in the trailer out back of the tavern must be done so in large black garbage bags, not smaller kitchen bags. Please remember to clean out the fridges as well as they are shut off between gathers and food left in them spoils and makes everything smell!

— Any Formal scroll that currently has an expiration date of October 31, 2016 is now extended to December 31, 2016.

— IF you find a mistake on a scroll please go and ask for clarification from Plot. Please keep in mind that the entire Formal system has been 100% reworked and there is going to be a period during the playtest where things are fine tuned and may get missed or copied incorrectly.

— YULE Feast will be held at the November Event. At present there was a poll taken at Closing Ceremonies and a vast majority of people present voted for Chinese Food Takeout. More information will come out as it is available about feast.

IG Message – Fae Symposium

Good Day,

The Earthen and Celestial Towers will be present in Thrush Peake on the morning of the 10th day of the 9th month at 11 hours past midnight to facilitate a discussion on the Fae activity that is currently impacting the Kingdom.

We are looking to create an environment of transparency and hope that anyone with information or a desire to learn can attend and participate.

Aire‘namanese Mirayanese Rybelene
Grandmaster of the Earthen Towers



Looking to run some brainstorming sessions and focus group type stuff to get input on ideas. If you are interested in participating please send an email to Please include the following in the email:
1) Email Address
2) Your Real Name
3) Your Character Name
4) If you could wave a magic wand and fix 3 things about Nero what would they be?
You should hear back from me on this in mid to late September.

Announcements – Event 6 (August 2016) 2

The following announcements were made at the event:

  1. PACKET PLAY TEST: There is a current play test regarding valid targets for packets.  For the play test, a player’s head is not a valid target for a packet and a player hit in the head does not have to take the damage/effect.  The packet attack is considered to have missed and any spell or packet delivered production item is considered used.
  2. BACK CASTING: A scroll must be used by the last event prior to the expiry date.  Scrolls cannot be back cast.  The only exception is if a request is made to cast a ritual at an event and a formal marshal or plot is unable to accommodate.
  3. NPC SHIFTS: As we are seeing a decline in full time NPCs at events, we will be reducing the number of non-NPC task options available to players.  The plan on how this will be administered will be posted by the Wednesday before the event.
  4. FORMAL PLAYTEST: New rules are coming into effect for the next event. The rules are attached below.  If you are a formal caster, please review prior to casting any rituals.   If you have any questions on what the rules mean, please use the Facebook Group “Nero Formal Playtest“.

2016 Rules Document – Playtest