Song of the Keening Woods – IG

Eight are the groves in the Keening Wood

Seven are the doors you must pass

Eighth is the grove where the Keening Queen dwells

That is the grove you seek last


Four are the groves that ring the wood

Three mark the way to its heart

Four doors must open for three to be found

But you’ll need their names just to start


In Aure’s grove the bones lie deep

Step not in the circle they make

But encircle the skulls with the light they have lost

And the light of this grove you’ll retake


Helin’s grove was once serene

Now restless sleep the dead

Dig up the graves; something ravenous waits

With arms and hands of red


In Tathar’s grove the silence drifts

Not a word, not a noise can you make

Gather the lights without making a sound

Lest pale sleeping maidens you wake


Eresse’s grove is still as death

Patient and frozen it waits

Eresse’s grove is a garden of stone

But something is guarding the gates


Liine’s grove is drowned in silk

That strangles and chokes the trees

In Liine’s grove dwells a poisonous beast

Through eight evil eyes does she see


In Brethil’s grove there is a tree

Where spheres of nothing sway

Take them down and walk them far

Round the edge of the grove they must stay


Eina’s dark grove is haunted by eyes

From around every shadow they peek

Most of them gaze with the same malign shade

It’s those eyes that are different you seek


One grove ahead at the heart of the woods

Or go back the way that you came

The path will not open unless it is called

And for that, you must know her true name

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