On behalf of Her Excellency, the Countess of Kyrinen, the County wishes to remind all residents to take proper precautions this All Hallow’s Eve.  While Halloween can be an enjoyable evening full of treats, costumes, and festive cheer, it is important to remember that most of these traditions stem from the very dangerous truth that the veil between all the worlds grows thin at All Hallow’s.  The realms of spirits, of the Fae, and the restless dead are much closer than at any other time of year.

Please bear this in mind, and keep your celebrations well-lit, inform the Watch of your plans, and keep a close eye on your children.

Things to Watch Out For include, but are not limited to:

  • Evil Circuses
  • Spirits of Dead family members, enemies, lost loves or other things that haunt you
  • Jack O’Lanterns that transport you to a spirit realm
  • Your childhood fears
  • Arcane Goblins
  • Undead Circuses
  • Flickering Green Fire
  • Doors to other realms in trees
  • Crossroads
  • Folktales come to life
  • Cursed Circuses
  • Animated Scarecrows
  • Megalomaniacal pumpkin people
  • Circus Clowns of any kind

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