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Song of the Keening Woods – IG

Eight are the groves in the Keening Wood

Seven are the doors you must pass

Eighth is the grove where the Keening Queen dwells

That is the grove you seek last


Four are the groves that ring the wood

Three mark the way to its heart

Four doors must open for three to be found

But you’ll need their names just to start


In Aure’s grove the bones lie deep

Step not in the circle they make

But encircle the skulls with the light they have lost

And the light of this grove you’ll retake


Helin’s grove was once serene

Now restless sleep the dead

Dig up the graves; something ravenous waits

With arms and hands of red


In Tathar’s grove the silence drifts

Not a word, not a noise can you make

Gather the lights without making a sound

Lest pale sleeping maidens you wake


Eresse’s grove is still as death

Patient and frozen it waits

Eresse’s grove is a garden of stone

But something is guarding the gates


Liine’s grove is drowned in silk

That strangles and chokes the trees

In Liine’s grove dwells a poisonous beast

Through eight evil eyes does she see


In Brethil’s grove there is a tree

Where spheres of nothing sway

Take them down and walk them far

Round the edge of the grove they must stay


Eina’s dark grove is haunted by eyes

From around every shadow they peek

Most of them gaze with the same malign shade

It’s those eyes that are different you seek


One grove ahead at the heart of the woods

Or go back the way that you came

The path will not open unless it is called

And for that, you must know her true name


On behalf of Her Excellency, the Countess of Kyrinen, the County wishes to remind all residents to take proper precautions this All Hallow’s Eve.  While Halloween can be an enjoyable evening full of treats, costumes, and festive cheer, it is important to remember that most of these traditions stem from the very dangerous truth that the veil between all the worlds grows thin at All Hallow’s.  The realms of spirits, of the Fae, and the restless dead are much closer than at any other time of year.

Please bear this in mind, and keep your celebrations well-lit, inform the Watch of your plans, and keep a close eye on your children.

Things to Watch Out For include, but are not limited to:

  • Evil Circuses
  • Spirits of Dead family members, enemies, lost loves or other things that haunt you
  • Jack O’Lanterns that transport you to a spirit realm
  • Your childhood fears
  • Arcane Goblins
  • Undead Circuses
  • Flickering Green Fire
  • Doors to other realms in trees
  • Crossroads
  • Folktales come to life
  • Cursed Circuses
  • Animated Scarecrows
  • Megalomaniacal pumpkin people
  • Circus Clowns of any kind

Halloween Event: Sign Up for Chores, Donations and NPCing

Here is the  Sign Up Sheet for the next event – all items are first come, first serve.

In addition to NPC shifts we have posted a list of chores or donations that you can do as an alternative.  If you have an alternative suggestion for donation or chore, please comment below.

As a Special Bonus this event people who volunteer for the Saturday Night 8pm – 12pm will get a draw from a bag of goodies.  People who NPC the full event will get 3 draws.

Sign Up Sheet

The Song of the Eight Sisters

The Song of the Eight Sisters

Traditional Nadene (Stag) Tribe children’s song


Eight sisters went to the hawthorn grove

Eight sisters to guard and to rest

Eight sisters went to the oaks and the ash

But only seven sleepers are left


One maiden guided her sisters there

Two maidens called down the trees

Three maidens sang to the youngest one

But one maiden yearned to be free


Eight sisters slept to protect the tribe

Eight sisters slept in the light

Eight sisters slept and their dreams were sweet

But one sister woke in the night


Seven are the sisters who gave their lives

Seven are the spirits there lie

Seven are the sleepers who dream our grove

But one sister whispered “Not I.”


Seven are the sisters who woke to the world

Eighth was the one with no name

Carry her here when the darkness is gone

And eight there will be once again

Yule Feast

Hey everyone. As I mentioned at closing ceremonies here is the link to the form for the Yule Feast. I also have the menu done up. This will be in Buffet Style so you don’t need to order a specific thing. The cost for the feast is $15 and $8 for Pages, children under six free.

Turkey Pie
Pork Tenderloin cooked in Apple
Sweet and Sour Beef Meatballs

Mashed Squash (with brown sugar and maple syrup)
Roasted Fall Vegetables
Brussel Sprouts
Broccoli and Cheese Casserole
Gingered Carrots

Roasted Potatoes
Spanish Rice

Apple Crisp
Pies (types undecided at this time)
Spice Cake

Registration Form

A Message to the Adventurers of Thrush Peake

To the good adventurers of Thrush Peake,

Greetings on behalf of Sir Naulen and the Black Watch.  I am Squire Archibalda Goodwin, and it is an honour to correspond with the famous fighters, wizards and folks of a more roguish persuasion who make their home in the adventurer’s quarter of Thrush Peake.  While I serve my knight, Sir Naulen, in reclaimed Ontarius, your quality is known far and wide around the Kingdom.

I have a simple request for you this All Hallow’s:

Help us kill the banshee Ashen Whisper.

The preparations for this great endeavor have been spearheaded thus far by your own Squire Daedamia, Avryn of the Lythari, and Locke of the Red Serenity, with the able assistance of the Earth Guild.  They brought vital intelligence and a fierce will to defeat the banshee queen to the Black Watch, and we are all in agreement that the time has come for a full-fledged assault on the Keening Woods.

Ashen Whisper has been making war on this kingdom since Ontarius first fell.  First in the service of the Dracolich and then in pursuit of her own dominion, she has wrought havoc and ruin.  She supported the Traitor Legions in their actions last year, lending necromantic power to the Night Eyes and guiding their attempts to prevent the Creation lines from reclaiming the corrupted earth of Ontarius.  When the Legions were defeated, she offered the survivors shelter and aid, and they work for her still.

This All Hallow’s, we are in the position to launch a coordinated invasion of the Keening Woods, but to do so we will need your help.  The key to our success is for a strike team to enter the Woods, unlock the corrupted Elven Groves that power its defenses, and face the Banshee Queen.  If this strike team can destroy the defenses, the Black Watch and the Earthen Towers can move into the Woods to take out its armies and begin to cleanse its corruption.

It will be dangerous.  It will be daunting.  It may well be deadly.  Which makes you the best people in this kingdom to undertake it, since you do the impossible on a regular basis.

Will you join us?

I travel to Thrush Peake on the All Hallow’s Gather to hear your answer, and will present myself to the County Court when it gathers on Saturday morning to assist in the planning.  Should you have questions about the creature we face, I direct you to Squire Daedamia, Avryn of the Lythari, Locke of the Red Serenity, and the Earth Guild, the brave leaders of this endeavor.

Squire Archibalda Goodwin

In Service to Sir Naulen of the Nadene