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Eight are the groves in the Keening Wood Seven are the doors you must pass Eighth is the grove where the Keening Queen dwells That is the grove you seek last   Four are the groves that ring the wood Three mark the way to its heart Four doors must […]

Song of the Keening Woods – IG

On behalf of Her Excellency, the Countess of Kyrinen, the County wishes to remind all residents to take proper precautions this All Hallow’s Eve.  While Halloween can be an enjoyable evening full of treats, costumes, and festive cheer, it is important to remember that most of these traditions stem from […]


Here is the  Sign Up Sheet for the next event – all items are first come, first serve. In addition to NPC shifts we have posted a list of chores or donations that you can do as an alternative.  If you have an alternative suggestion for donation or chore, please […]

Halloween Event: Sign Up for Chores, Donations and NPCing

The Song of the Eight Sisters Traditional Nadene (Stag) Tribe children’s song   Eight sisters went to the hawthorn grove Eight sisters to guard and to rest Eight sisters went to the oaks and the ash But only seven sleepers are left   One maiden guided her sisters there Two […]

The Song of the Eight Sisters

Hey everyone. As I mentioned at closing ceremonies here is the link to the form for the Yule Feast. I also have the menu done up. This will be in Buffet Style so you don’t need to order a specific thing. The cost for the feast is $15 and $8 […]

Yule Feast

To the good adventurers of Thrush Peake, Greetings on behalf of Sir Naulen and the Black Watch.  I am Squire Archibalda Goodwin, and it is an honour to correspond with the famous fighters, wizards and folks of a more roguish persuasion who make their home in the adventurer’s quarter of […]

A Message to the Adventurers of Thrush Peake