August 21-23 Event NPC/Chore/Donation Sign Up 3

As announced at Closing Ceremonies last event we are having challenges getting enough NPCs for events and as such need to introduce a mandatory 3 hour NPC shift.  Some of the shifts are Roleplay Only.  By signing up in advance, we can better ensure that we schedule content around your NPC time.

In addition to NPC shifts we have posted a list of chores or donations that you can do as an alternative.  If you have an alternative suggestion for donation or chore, please comment below.

Sign Up Sheet

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3 thoughts on “August 21-23 Event NPC/Chore/Donation Sign Up

  • Jackson Pearson

    So by mandating NPC shifts we’re going to see a reduced fee right? If I am paying to play I don’t feel it appropriate to be mandated to participate in a role that has no fee associated with it.

    • Karin Post author

      Hi Jackson,
      There is no reduction in fee being offered. You pay for accommodation or a place to put your tent and the administration of the game, you do not pay for the efforts of the plot team or other volunteers. Nero Canada simply doesn’t work without NPCs. We try to run the event solely with volunteers but it has always been the case that should there not be enough volunteers to act as NPCs that mandatory NPC shifts would be a requirement of the players. This type of arrangement is a fundamental part of many Larps. Should we have sufficient NPCs for an event we will let people know they do not have to come for their shift. If you want to minimize the amount of time away from PCing there are several other options on the sign up sheet for you to consider.