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In an effort to include more character specific plot in the game we have put together this survey.  It is mostly free text.  Please feel free to include as much or as little detail as you would like for each question.  Keep in mind that the more detail you include, […]

Nero Character Survey

Please complete the August Survey.  I had mentioned that there would be questions about the Kitchen but I will be managing that feedback separately. August Event Survey

August Survey

For the upcoming event we are trying a slightly different approach to the weekend and we wanted to give everyone a heads up in advance to.  Here are some highlights: The plot team for the weekend will be much more reactive than proactive.  We will be looking for guidance from […]

August 21-23rd Event

Attention all and singular. At the bequest of Her Excellency Countess Dalnya Laire’elen, the County Court will convene a meeting to discuss recent developments threatening the security of Thrush Peak and the County at large. Members of the Nobility, Chivalry, Guilds and any and all local Adventurers who wish to […]

Announcement from Countess Dalnya

As requested by Her Excellency Dalnya Laire’elen, Countess Kyrinen the County Watch has prepared a summary of what has been reported to date: The Stone Behemoth shaped like a Toad hopped from the edge of the mountain along the Southern border of the County dragging pieces of the mountain behind it. […]

In-Game: Report from Rendal

Please complete the survey for the August Event.  Please try and complete as much as possible of the free text fields. Event Survey

July/August Event Survey

As announced at Closing Ceremonies last event we are having challenges getting enough NPCs for events and as such need to introduce a mandatory 3 hour NPC shift.  Some of the shifts are Roleplay Only.  By signing up in advance, we can better ensure that we schedule content around your […]

August 21-23 Event NPC/Chore/Donation Sign Up