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Announcement from Countess Dalnya

Attention all and singular.
At the bequest of Her Excellency Countess Dalnya Laire’elen, the County Court will convene a meeting to discuss recent developments threatening the security of Thrush Peak and the County at large.

Members of the Nobility, Chivalry, Guilds and any and all local Adventurers who wish to attend are invited.
The meeting shall take place within the Tavern at precisely 11:00, Saturday morning.
This will be the first of a regular occasion.

In-Game: Report from Rendal

As requested by Her Excellency Dalnya Laire’elen, Countess Kyrinen the County Watch has prepared a summary of what has been reported to date:

  1. The Stone Behemoth shaped like a Toad hopped from the edge of the mountain along the Southern border of the County dragging pieces of the mountain behind it.  As it traveled the debris formed a 6-8″ tall wall of stone.  Water is starting to pool in the low laying areas as the river is backing up into the fields.
  2. Undead have gathered in the area along the wall in Watchwood, Eldamar and Wolfhaven.  They seem to have put up some areas of corruption to allow them full power during the day.
  3. In the Northwest an army of 3 tribes of Ogres have moved into the plains and blocked passage from Kyrinen to the Sea.  These Ogres are believed to be from tribes that fled the collapse of the Ogre Kingdom of Mors Drakor.  With the Ogres are fire elementals.
  4. A large number of Gnolls have taken the bridge to Corvedeux to the Northeast of Innis.  Members of the watch who fell in that area indicated that it looked like there were Golems being moved onto the bridge..
  5. A large number of trees have been felled on the road just South of Watchwood
  6. The pass to Chodladh go Maith appears to be blocked by a mix of summoned creatures.
  7. The men of the South Woods are intermittently attacking on the road between the main Watch Tower and Watchwood.
  8. There have been signs of the Nightmare Legion up near the Innis Quarry.

Scouts from the Watch are working to get more detail and we expect to have a more complete picture by tomorrow evening.

Dame Camile Rendal von Haylem