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Application – 2016 Plot Team

Here is the  questionnaire is to be completed by Nero Canada members who are interested in being part of the plot team for the 2015 season. You must have attended at least 8 events as a PC or NPC to apply. Please do not apply if you cannot meet the time commitments below.  The survey will close as of August 31, 2015. 

There are 4 roles that we are looking to fill:

1) Lead Plot Writers (2-3 total)
-write and manage the main over plot(s) for the season (3-5 mods an event)-respond to IBGAs (8-10 per event or more)
-Peer review material written by other plot members
-Coordinate the schedule and logistics during the event
-adhere to schedule for submitting material for events
Attend at least 9 of 10 regular events
ESTIMATE 12-15 hours work between events including plot meetings

2) Plot Writer (2-3 total)
-write supporting plot lines that either stand alone or tie into the main plot line (2-3 mods an event)
-in between game actions (3-5) per event
-write job board/instamods – minimum 2 per event
-run character history plot
-adhere to schedule for submitting material for events
Attend at least 8 0f 10 regular events
ESTIMATE 7-8 hours work between events including plot meetings

3) Plot Marshall (3-5 total)
-run prewritten modules as required
-play key NPCs as required
-write short plot lines if you choose
-manage and train NPCs in Nero rules and skills
-send out randoms as required
Attend at least 6 of 10 regular events

4) Guest Writer
-write a single weekend plot line or a small plot comprised of 3-5 modules.  (A full weekend is only an option if you have had previous Nero plot experience)

Click for the Application

Five Day Survey

Here is the survey for the June/July 2015 Five Day Event.

Please try and put information in the free text fields as it is the information that helps us the most.

There will be a random draw amongst the people who respond to the survey for a pick off the “magic items/effects” HAC sells (if the winner is an NPC, we will figure something out).  To be considered complete, you must have completed the free text fields.

There will be a spot in the final question to provide feedback on the Medium/Major Formal Augment play test.

Click for the Survey