Monthly Archives: June 2015

Here are the donations we are currently looking for.  1 goblin stamp for dollar of donation. (unless being donated to avoid an NPC shift) Was at Dollarama and took some photos of things we need donated.  Take a look below and comment if there is anything you think you can […]

Donations Requested

$130 for weekend in a cabin, trailer or “Inn” ($75 with season pass) $90 for weekend in a tent* ) ($55 with season pass) Players attending for just the weekend (Friday evening to Sunday) pay the regular event prices.  Extra days can be added for $25 a day for cabin, […]

Five Day Pricing

Please complete this survey if you plan on attending the 5-Day.  It is short and the information will be used to schedule personal plot and request mods. Survey

Five Day Attendence

Here is the June Event Survey. Survey Please try and provide detailed comments especially if you have constructive criticism we can use to make the rest of the years events better.

June Event Survey