Goblin Stamps & Tokens 7

Prestige Tokens and Goblin Stamps will be provided to individuals who make donations and volunteer for Nero Canada:

Goblin Stamps will be awarded at the following rates:

  • Approximately 1 Goblin Stamp for each $1 of goods donated. All donations must be preapproved prior to donation and receipts must be provided as applicable.
  • Goblin Stamps for each hour of volunteering outside an event—must be agreed to in advance.
  • 25 Goblin Stamps for acting as a Formal Marshal or doing Logistics for an Event, provided they are not also NPCing or working on Plot.
  • 10 Goblin Stamps for each hour of NPCing when not NPCing full time (sign up required in time slots provided by Plot Team)
  • Going forward Goblin Stamps can be used to buy Prestige Tokens at a rate of 1 Prestige Token for 50 goblin stamps.

Prestige Tokens will be awarded at the following rate

  • Bringing a new player to the game; 1 Token for each of the first 3 events they attend
  • 2 for NPCing or working on Plot a full Logistics Period (uninterrupted)

Prestige Tokens can be spent in the following ways:

  1. One Token to reset all skills between 6am and 8am on any day of an Event (Production/Magic Items are not impacted) —must be spent at starting Logistics for the Event
  2. Two Tokens to reset all skills, as per item number 1, when spent at the time of reset rather than during Logistics. (Must be registered with Plot. Skill reset is only available between 6am and 8am on the first morning of a 2 day Event, or either morning of a 3 day Event.)
  3. One Token to double the XP received for an Event (Long Events may require expenditure of multiple tokens)
  4. One Token for 50 points of production – only 2 tokens can be used for production per logistics period
  5. A number of Tokens to avoid drawing from the bag when your character dies: 1 Tokens the first time, 2 the second, 4 for the third, 8 for the forth and subsequent times. (death count still increments)
  6. A number of Tokens to buy back deaths off a character’s card 4 Tokens for the first time, 8 for the second, 16 for the third and subsequent times.
  • Note: Counts for 5 & 6 increment together.

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