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Here is an update on Source Material. Guide to Haylem including an overview of cities and towns and notable people (Update: June 19th) Noble Reference Guide (Complete) Medium and Major Augments (Update: Released June 12th Event) Ordo Solis Reference Guide (Update: July 17) Chivalry Reference Guide (Update: July 24 ) […]

Source Material Update

Thanks to everyone who showed up, we had a great weekend. Here is the link to the Event Survey As our next event is 4 weeks away instead of the usual 3 we will extend the IBGA deadline to Monday, May 25th. Thanks

May Event

Here is this event’s edition of the Haylem Herald! Haylem Herald – Volume 23, Issue 1 – May 15, 2015

May Haylem Herald

Prestige Tokens and Goblin Stamps will be provided to individuals who make donations and volunteer for Nero Canada: Goblin Stamps will be awarded at the following rates: Approximately 1 Goblin Stamp for each $1 of goods donated. All donations must be preapproved prior to donation and receipts must be provided […]

Goblin Stamps & Tokens

A message from Lindsay about Logistics: Please send all preorder production to Please include name, character name, production levels, production wanted, and total owing. Please remember that to use a lab, forge, master levels or tokens it must be to me by 11:59pm on Thursday evening before the event. […]

Production Preregistration

As you know, Production tags are colour coded based on expiry date: Green, White & Pink are expired. Yellow expires after the 5 day event on July 15, 2015. Blue expires on December 31, 2015. Orange will expire July 15, 2016. Components are also colour coded with the same colours […]

Production & Component Expiry