Character Rebuild 7

Each player will have the option of a Medium Spirit Forge for the start of the season.  This means that players may change how their Build Points are spent and their Class but not their race.

In an effort to keep time at logistics to a minimum, we encourage you to have your character done in advance of the event.  The following will be the process for doing your character change.

  1. Players put together a draft character in advance of coming to the event.
  2. Confirm your build total downstairs.  There will be someone with a list of everyone’s Build totals.
  3. Have your card confirmed downstairs.  There will be someone at a table to do a quick review
  4. Go through logistics.  If the line is moving well, your character will be updated immediately.  If it is not moving well, then a copy will be taken and it will be updated in the system later.

We cannot provide build totals in advance of the event so please build your character with your best estimate.

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7 thoughts on “Character Rebuild

  • Katherine


    If I am not really planning on changing anything do I still need to redo my character? I mean I know that some things will cost less and therefore I might get a build refund ( will this be automatically done? or will I need to make sure it gets done?) .


    – Katherine

  • Alex Mcmurray (Draco Silverstream)

    it seems like Q’s system hasn’t been fully updated to the new build costs yet. I rechecked my calculations when I got home just to be sure, but there is a discrepancy of 6 build on what my card says it costs and the totals in the book. I will provide my current build, what it should cost, and what it does cost to help you guys track down the discrepancy.

    Cover of Darkness x1
    Read Magic x1
    primary spell slot 9 x1
    primary spell slot 8 x2
    primary spell slot 7 x3
    primary spell slot 6 x4
    primary spell slot 5 x4
    primary spell slot 4 x4
    primary spell slot 3 x4
    primary spell slot 2 x4
    primary spell slot 1 x4
    Formals 1-5 x5
    Formals 6-10 x5
    Formals 11-15 x5
    scroll making 1-5 x5
    scroll making 6-10 x5
    Combat Wizardry x1

    cost on card is 151, calculated cost is 145

    also, will rebuilds still be available for secondary characters?

    • Creepy Sebastian

      I’ve heard that you have to specifically click on a skill to get its new cost to load up.

      Cover of Darkness and Combat Wizardry are both 3 points cheaper than before and that’ll give you your six point difference.

  • Barry Devine

    Quick question I’m thing about coming to an event this year as a pc, but I’m not sure if my pc is up to date. It’s been at least +10 years since he was last active. I will look for my a character sheet. Character name is Zale, can’t remember if he had a last name.

    Thanks Barry

    • Karin Post author

      Hi Barry,
      We would love to have you back. There have been some changes to the rules and build totals since you last attended so it is likely that you will need to adjust your character when you arrive. There will be people on site to help out.