2015 In Between Game Actions (IBGA)

We are working to get all of the IBGAs out to everyone as soon as possible.  Winter IBGAs should be sent out to you by Wednesday, April 22nd.

Here are just a few reminders for the regular between event IBGAs for this year. We would really appreciate if everyone can review carefully so we can make the IBGA process more efficient for everyone:.

  1. Multiple characters may be included in an IBGA provided the following criteria is met:  Because of time constraints this year, we will be returning any IBGA that does not meet these criteria for a correction and will be asking the players to coordinate any overlap..
    • All players named in the IBGA must be cc’d on the IBGA.
    • It must be okay for us to send a single response to the entire distribution.  If you need a private response you will need to decide between participating with the group or doing the task that requires privacy.  We will only be sending one response per submitted IBGAs (example:  Joe’s character goes with a group of Dwarven players to visit an ancient Dwarven tomb but on the way back wants to talk privately with Master Smythe.  Both requests must come in the same email and Joe must be okay with everyone on the email getting the details of his conversation with Master Smythe.  If not, he must choose either the Dwarven tomb or visiting Master Smythe.)
    • No one named in the IBGA has already submitted an individual IBGA. – you can only be named in one IBGA whether it is a group IBGA or a personal one.  We will be assuming if someone sends a personal IBGA that they do not want to be included in a group IBGA. (example:  Jane sends an IBGA saying her character and Jim’s character are going to court.  Jim sends in a different IBGA for himself.  We will assume Jim’s individual IBGA takes precedence and send Jane’s IBGA back to her for correction.)
  2. Please send IBGAs in the body of your email – do not put them into a word document or PDF to avoid any issues with different software versions.
  3. You do not need to send requests involving the PCs of any plot members to the plot mailbox.  Please sent them to the person directly, like you would with any other PC.

You can access the current guidelines here – IBGA Guidelines


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