New Rulebook 9

After 2 years of work we are happy to publish version 4.0 of the Nero Canada Rulebook. It is located in the “Library” section of this site. The rules are complete and we are targeting to use without edit for the next 3 years. We may however make changes to the design, organization, layout and flavour text over the next few months. Our main objective is clarity so we would be happy to answer any questions in this regard.

We appreciate that everyone has a different opinion on how things should work bot please refrain from using the comment section on this post as a forum for that feedback and leave it as a forum for people requiring clarifications and additional information.

We ask that everyone read the entire rulebook but please at a minimum read the sections on your skills and the updated combat section. Please only use the Change Log as a guide at is by no means an inclusive list of all changes.

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9 thoughts on “New Rulebook

  • Ciraband

    In the alchemy section it does not state what level of the skill you need to throw gases. I assume it is the same level as the gas. Also, in the effects it mrntions “remove forget” as a cure for forget… But i dont see it listed anywhere else.

    • Karin Post author

      You need the same level to throw gases as the level of the gas. “Remove ” simply removes whatever effect is in the description. We will make sure we add this description and make this update for clarity sake.

  • Creepy Sebastian

    Is mind meld still a thing? The rule book mentions it but doesn’t say that stone elves get it.

    The prefix “arcane” isn’t explained.

    • Karin Post author

      Mind Meld is something that some Stone Elves and Biata can do. All of the roleplay modifiers have been removed from the rulebook and are now for story purposes. You can still do it if you find a willing participant.

      We will ensure arcane is updated.

      • Creepy Sebastian

        So we get it but it doesn’t say we do at all? Weird, it’s like the rulebook expects us to be mind readers. (ba-dum ching)

        How about meditation, it says we have to do it but doesn’t say for how long? (For a how-to-play-this-game manual it’s really very coy.)

  • Viktor Rufenski Pucci

    Regarding Casting from formals – As it stands in the new rules its a three count to cast and then still utilize the incant for the spell. From a timing perspecitve would it not be more useful to use something similar to a racial cast where we still have to say the the three count and then use Magic .

    So for example Viktor has burnt through his regular spells and only has formals left…. he sees a monster chasing him and wants to web it. The current rule is Viktor says “1 I cast Formal, 2 I cast Formal, 3 I cast Formal. With Mystic Force I Web you” whereas I would suggest that Viktor cast from formal in this method “1 I cast Formal, 2 I cast Formal, 3 I cast Formal. Magic Web”

    • Karin Post author

      Thanks for the suggestion! We will have an updated version based on player requests for clarification in the next couple of days

  • Creepy Sebastian

    Armor Opt says it stacks with the hobling skill Nimble but Nimble is now a Dodge and not armor.

    There is now a rule against stacking Back Attacks but there is no equivalent rule for Crits. Is that intentional?