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  The survey for the April Event is posted and ready for responses.  Please try to provide as much detail as possible.  We use these surveys to improve the events and if you don’t provide the detail, there is no way for us to know what we need to do. […]

April 2015 – Event Survey

The updated version of the rulebook with clarifications as requested is now updated in the Library.  This will be the last published version for the season.  We are hoping to have a full source book by the end of the year. Notable changes from version 4.0 to version 4.1: Clarified that […]

Nero Rulebook 4.1

Each player will have the option of a Medium Spirit Forge for the start of the season.  This means that players may change how their Build Points are spent and their Class but not their race. In an effort to keep time at logistics to a minimum, we encourage you to […]

Character Rebuild

As normally occurs in the spring, a Herald from court in Haylem City, has documented the events of the winter.  These words have been distributed around the Kingdom to ensure that all are aware of the events of the season both good and bad. These words can be read on […]

The Kingdom in Winter

We are working to get all of the IBGAs out to everyone as soon as possible.  Winter IBGAs should be sent out to you by Wednesday, April 22nd. Here are just a few reminders for the regular between event IBGAs for this year. We would really appreciate if everyone can […]

2015 In Between Game Actions (IBGA)

Hi all, There have been some questions about game material and when it will be available.  I just wanted to update everyone with a schedule for when material is targeted to be available: May 2015 Guide to Haylem including an overview of cities and towns and notable people Noble Reference […]

Nero Source Material

After 2 years of work we are happy to publish version 4.0 of the Nero Canada Rulebook. It is located in the “Library” section of this site. The rules are complete and we are targeting to use without edit for the next 3 years. We may however make changes to […]

New Rulebook

Welcome to the new Nero Canada Website.  The layout and design are temporary and we’ll be working to improve the site over the course of the next couple of months.  We plan on adding forums, some social elements and a photo/media library.  Please let us know if there is anything […]